Eastern Light Weddings guide for
Engagement Session

We know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, it might be your first time getting professional photographs taken, you might not even like being taken photos. But the best advice that we can give is to relax and be yourself, just focus on each other, forget about the camera, so you will look natural and confident in the photographs. We will try to be as candid as possible while being creative and fun. 

Best time to shoot

Ideally, Engangement shoots will happen anytime between your initial booking and your actual wedding day. We highly recommend choosing a weekday for a couple of good reasons. Firstly, popular places to take photos are not as crowded as it is on the weekends, saving our time trying to find the right spot/ angle to avoid people and potentially ruining good shots. Secondly, weekends are when 99% of the weddings happens so we might not be available for you. 

Regarding time of day, there's no better light than the magical golden hour which happens 1-2 hours before sunset. The sun is lower, more directional with warm glow and usually comes with some epic clouds. So we typically prefer starting 2 hours before sunset. The time may varies during Day Light Savings. If you're early birds, we could also try to catch the first light of the day at sunrise.

*These are just my suggestions, which I think will contribute to improving the final quality of your photos. Your availability and preference is of course up to you and we can always work around that.

Where to shoot

Choosing the right location is one of the most important aspect to be discussed during your booking. Picture it in your mind, ask yourself if you'd like to go some where that's special to you or some where with amazing backdrops, beaches, mountains, parks. 


We love taking couple to places that mean something to them to better tell the story (ie how/ where you met).

​If you are unsure about where to pick for your engagement session, please do not hesitate to consult with us for some amazing recommendations and options to choose from. 

What to wear

It's best to be yourself and be relaxed. So wear whatever you feel comfortable with, easy for you to breath and move around freely. With that said, these are our suggestions

- Don't bring along stuff that are unnecessary, the less you bring, the better. We will save time finding where to drop them then pick them up between shots and risk of losing them. It will slow down the flow of the shoot.

- No big logos or letter on outfits to minimise distractions. Florals or plain is preferred.

- Pick the right footwear for the right location, you don't want to be walking on rock or sands with high heels. Bring extra pair of comfortable shoes/thongs if there is a bit of a walk.

- Choose your colours accordingly, you don't want to blend in with the background. Please feel free to get in touch if you're not sure. We highly recommend couple to stick with White / Off White/ Grey/ Nude - keep it neutral.

- All and all, please always match and compliment each other's outfits. 

- Apart from outfits, also keep your skin and lips moisturised so you will look more alive and fresh in the photos. There's only so much photoshop can do.

Above everything else, this session's aim is to produce lots stunning photos that tell your love story. You will feel much more confident after the session which has a big positive impact when it comes to your actual wedding day. In the end, all you need to do is to relax, have fun and let us capture the moments.